I decided to get something special for my boyfriend a few days ago since it was our 42nd month of being together (cheezy, yes) but then it was too late to go shopping so i decided to do something DIY with whatever i had lying around the house instead. I came across this DIY meringue cupcake tutorial and i tried a few versions with the taste and look of it since it never really looked like a cupcake so here i am with my own version of it! And a little side note, my boyfriend enjoyed it 😀


These are super simple to do with only 3 ingredients, no bake and no heavy whisking required; just a spoon, a fork and your hands! You can also play around with the colors if you want to. These are cute to give as gifts, plus one batch could make about 30+ (depending on the size you make) so you can give them to a whole bunch of people! I had 2 huge boxes of extras since i only used a few in my packaging for the gift i gave so i was able to give some to my parents, siblings and to my boyfriends family as well.


I can’t exactly say this was ‘fast’ in the sense that my microwave can only fit 1 ordinary sized round plate and in a plate you can only put in 4 pieces to cook. Imagine how long it took me to make all 30+ of these! It would have been quicker if I baked it all in a huge batch in a tray, nonetheless these are super fun to do because I was so excited to see every batch of cookies come out of the microwave. One more thing about these treats is that they are TOO sweet, perhaps just 1 cookie for dessert, and they’re also crumbly when you bite on them, but like i said they’re super simple to make and really creative, so enough said, here is the recipe…

4 CUPS of Icing Sugar
2 Egg yolks
Food Coloring of your choice. Just a quick tip for the food coloring, i found it easier to work with GEL types of food coloring plus the color is much more vibrant as compared to the LIQUID ones.

1. So first, you’re going to need to sift your icing sugar if it does need some sifting but if it doesn’t have any clumps then it’s good to go.
2. You’ll need to crack open the eggs in a different saucepan and whisk it.
3. Add the whisked egg spoon by spoon to the icing sugar mixing with every spoonfull of egg you add until you come to a texture that’s “dough like”.
4. Use your hands to mash the mixture into a ball. Make sire the mixture isn’t too dry or too wet.
5. Add some food coloring! You can totally go crazy with the colors.
6. Ball them up into marble sized balls.
7. Prepare a plate with a layer of wax paper. Place 4 balls on the plate making sure to leave enough space for it to expand in. I placed mine sort of like a compass; one at the North, South, East and West of the plate.
8. Put it in the microwave and heat it for just about 1 minute. Now you will need to experiment on this since all microwaves are different. Make sure they aren’t burnt nor gooey (undercooked).


Super simple and easy. Let the kids help out, give the treats to visitors if you aren’t prepared, they make very cute giveaways for parties too!

I hope you enjoyed todays DIY! See you again in next week’s CraftingHoney DIY’s!


CraftingHONEY blogs?


I’ve always wanted to blog, you know, put my “creative” thoughts to writing. Believe me, I think A LOT and I figured since nobody really listens I could type it down and let the world (or whoever is interested) read whatever I have to blab about. But then again, that has always been my problem; I keep blabbing but there really is never a point to my yapping… Things have always been a “thing” to me; started but never finished.

Lately I found myself going gaga over DIY projects, whether it be crafts or food, I find joy in creating them. Then it came to me, why don’t I blog about the things I do that interest me? That way I get to have fun plus i get to share the whole experience to the world! The blogs I create might find the hearts of others and make them feel the same way I feel for DIY’s. They’re cheap, creative and FUN! And we all know (I think I just made this up) how the saying goes…

“Be resourceful. DO IT YOURSELF!”

So yes, my blogs would be about the DIY’s, the projects, the art and maybe a few other things that interest me which I hope will interest you too. 🙂

I’ll try really hard to post weekly, that way I get my creative juices going and I get to share the ideas with you.

I hope this doesn’t turn out to be just a “thing” for me. *fingers crossed*